In an era defined by constant innovation and rapid technological advancement, the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry stands at the crossroads of transformation. This evolving media & entertainment industry demands a workforce equipped with cutting-edge skills and a deep understanding of emerging trends. However, the big question today is, ‘are we ready to prepare the future workforce for M&E who can flourish in this evolving landscape?’

To truly thrive in the global arena, the M&E sector requires a curriculum that reflects international best practices and standards. Furthermore, there is a need to sensitize all stakeholders, including to the immense potential of M&E.

LEAP is a platform by FICCI that aims to anchor discussions around formalizing the Media and Entertainment curriculum in the education system & making future ready M&E professionals by bringing together the key policymakers and the industry-academia stakeholders to identify salient issues and mechanisms for introducing the media and entertainment curricula at various levels of education.

Who Should Attend


  • Government & Policy Makers
  • M&E Industry members
  • CSR Foundations
  • Industry Associations
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Training Institutions in M&E
  • University Chancellors and School Principals
  • Ed-Tech platforms
  • HR Professionals
  • Career Counsellors
  • Job-Aggregator platforms

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